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Sunday, February 04, 2007


This is not the stereotypical earning money on the Internet post. This is totally different and uses the pay for posting methodology to give you money. Yes mylot pays you real dollar for your posts, opinion and comments and even for uploading photos.

The technique is simple, you have to just visit their web site and sign-up and start posting and make dollar, this is as simple as this.

As of now there are 65,950 registered user in mylot and it is still growing. Each response to an existing post gives you 1 point and each sommend to nay response alos gives you 1 point. And till you touch 100 points your earning from each point is equal to 2 cents and that also stands for each photo you posts in any discussion. Apart from that they have a nice referral program by which you will earn 25% commission from the earning of your referral, say an user whom you have referred earned 2 dollars in a day then your commission will be 50 cents whcih is not bad at all. Their payout is per month basis and it is around 15th of each month. Minimum payout value is 10 dollars. So if you have earned 10 dollar till 15th of a calendar month then you will be paid that amount if not it will be carried forwqard to next payout. And they pay through paypal
After that you can either spend it for your online payment through paypal or transfer it to your bank account.

In order to ban spamming they do not allow copy/pasting till a user reach 500 points. Another good feature is that once you reach 100 points you will get a star with a rating depending upon your performance (which takes into consideration various factors) and the rating constantly changes depending upon your activities. I got a 8 star rating but currently I am at 6 star. This star rating in turn decide your earning per posts or photos after you cross 100 points. There are instances where people have earned around 5 cents per post.

Some guidelines before you start:
1. Please try to provide valid opinion about any post. ANd avoid one liner like thank you, congrats just for the sake of increasing count. (It will severly affect ur earning)
2. Try to reply/put comments to responses for discussions started by you.
3. Always put tags to the responses and discussion.
4. Rate the discussion and opinion you come across.
5. Make as many friend as possible.
6. Reply to your friends discussion and rate them.
7. Try to put relevant images to your posts it will earn you more.
8. Be regular and active or you will loose your rating.
9. The earning is updated once in 24 hours, so try to analyse ur earning trend and act accordingly.

So if you are serious about earning money and want to utilize your time, dont think twice and sign-up now.

For further information please write in comments section.

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