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Thursday, February 22, 2007


In one of my blog I posted a post called Some Unforgettable Moments captured in frame. And the response I received from people is overwhelming. This post contains a set of 20 famous photographs taken by very famous photographers. They have been awarded best photos of the year in the respective year they have been taken. It generated more than 15000 page views in 15 hours of my posting and it put my blog as the second hottest topic in reddit. (A corresponding picture is presented below)

The above two pictures from Mybloglog stats page depicts the effect of the social book marking site on my blog views, I have taken reddit as a reference. The left side picture shows the stats after 10 housr of my psoting and the right side shows after 15 hours of my psoting and 2 hours after i discovered it in reddit. Even when I posted this and published it in Digg I never expected it to touch to 625 diggs in 5 hours.

This post has become a hot topic in web and all the credit goes to the social bookmarking sites. I hv received many comments from my reader some encouraging me for this post and many discouraging me about the copyrights. So looking into this I removed the zip file which contained the photographs in larger views and I also added a link to the original location of the photographs.

Update: The latest screen shot from the bloglog stats

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