Install Windows Media Player 11 without WGA

Thursday, July 27, 2006


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Recently Microsoft has released the most awaited Windows Media Player, but much to everybody’s surprise even if you want to install this version of Media Player you have to go through a stringent set of processes to pass the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation(WGA), which is much irritating as compared to the joy of using Media Player 11. When I got the download of Window Media Player 11 Beta, I was too excited to get a chance to see the new creation of Mr. Gates. But alas..while installing the media Player on my pirated version of Windows XP (Like most people M also using a pirated version of Windows XP) I faced the brunt of validation. Any way I had to install Media Player 11 so experiment continued and finally I found the following methods to crack the process of WGA validation and successfully installed Windows Media Player 11 Beta.
The best way to get Windows Media Player 11 beta to install, of course, is to get the Windows validated. However, for whatever reasons, if you still still want to install WMP11, there are workaround ways to bypass and disable the WGA validation check during setup installation process:

1. Download WMP11 from the Microsoft website or from here:
2. Download and install WinRAR ( and install WinRAR extraction tool.
3. Extract the WMP11 installer by using WinRAR to a directory (e.g. wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu). You can right click on the setup file and choose any Extract option or launch the extraction utility and choose the WMP11 setup file to extract it.
4. Download legitlib.dll (in RAR format) from and extract it.
5. Copy the extracted legitlib.dll and paste legitlib.dll into the extracted directory of WMP11 installer. Overwrite any existing file.
6. Run setup_wm.exe by double clicking.
7. Install Windows Media Player 11 Beta accordingly.

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