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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I am an absolute fanatics..a gizmo freak.. I spent like any thing to acquire the latest innovations.. Out of 24 hours a day I am wth my computer for more thn 16 hours coz I cannot live without my computer. 3 things I never like to share wth orthers viz. Chocolate, Underwear and My gal. Like to saunter on a lonely road wth my Mp3 player listening to pink flyod or raeth.

I have done my B.Tech in Textile Technology from Orissa. But currently working as a Tech Support Engineer for Microsoft and currently located in Bangalore. This you can term as my destination and doing B.Tech in Textile Technology as my destiny and a man's destination and destiny are never same.

I also provide technical support as a freelancer. So if you need assistance with any issues with your computer please drop me an e-mail.

You can reach me at:

Mobile: +91-9886779379

e-mail: ajaykumarmeher@gmail.com

Blog: http://imnotatechie.blogspot.com

Yahoo: ajay.meher
Google: ajaykumarmeher

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