orkut Blog: Redesign Preview: True Blue Simplicity

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


orkut Blog: Redesign Preview: True Blue Simplicity

A detail post with screen shot is HERE.

orkut Blog: Welcome!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


NDAH-NDOH: Get An Actual Link From D List Blogs

Monday, June 04, 2007


Bidding Adieu

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi Friends,

As I have been migrated to Wordpress and will be concentrating full time on my Wordpress blog I have decided to call it a day here. I am not going to post any new topic here. I encourage you to visit my new blog Techie Zone.

In the mean time I also suggest those interested in making money online to have a visit HERE. It is not so hard to make money online and there are many tricks involved in making money which I will write in my new blog.

I just found this program called Text Link Ads where you can purchase advertising on other sites and promote your product to a large audience. It's pretty cool. I wish I'd used it earlier as it would have made my site more successful.

Anyway, I've decided not to update this blog anymore. See ya!"

Thanks a lot.

Divshare: Your online Harddrive

Friday, April 13, 2007


What about an online storage system that offers you unlimited file storage, unlimited download, a simple yet powerful User Interface and support virtually any type of file extension. Above all the service is offered free of cost that is without spending a dime. Yes you can have all this in Divshare an online file storage system.

I have been using this for more than two months and I am 100 percent satisfied with their service. It is the best Online Storage available till date and could not find a flaw. As it is comparatively new entrant in this field the company is gradually adding new features and making it more user friendly.

Features Overview:

1. Upload unlimited files.
2. Download unlimited number of files in a day without waiting (unlike rapidahare and mega upload)
3. Files stay online forever! (Even if your files are not downlaoded they stay online)
4. No pop-up ads or spam.

5. Incredibly fast, reliable servers.
6. Keep your files private if you have any sensitive document.
7. Customize your download page by adding your own logo.
You can see an example here.
8. Uploaded file icon gets automatically created based on the file type.
9. Support of almost all types of files.
10. Inbuilt audio player to listen to uploaded audio files and also put them in your web site or blog.
11. Directly you can share your link in many social bookmark sites like Digg.

You can even upload files without signing in. But being a free member has its own advantages like tracking your link and joining different groups, individual personalized profile link like this.

About Me The Guy behind this blog

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I am an absolute fanatics..a gizmo freak.. I spent like any thing to acquire the latest innovations.. Out of 24 hours a day I am wth my computer for more thn 16 hours coz I cannot live without my computer. 3 things I never like to share wth orthers viz. Chocolate, Underwear and My gal. Like to saunter on a lonely road wth my Mp3 player listening to pink flyod or raeth.

I have done my B.Tech in Textile Technology from Orissa. But currently working as a Tech Support Engineer for Microsoft and currently located in Bangalore. This you can term as my destination and doing B.Tech in Textile Technology as my destiny and a man's destination and destiny are never same.

I also provide technical support as a freelancer. So if you need assistance with any issues with your computer please drop me an e-mail.

You can reach me at:

Mobile: +91-9886779379

e-mail: ajaykumarmeher@gmail.com

Blog: http://imnotatechie.blogspot.com

Yahoo: ajay.meher
Google: ajaykumarmeher

Send Free SMS Worldwide with Gizmo SMS

Saturday, March 10, 2007


After creating a niche for themselves by offering free call to any mobile and landline phone the Gizmo Team has now come up with Free SMS service. And this is absolutely free. You can send unlimited SMS from yiur computer web browser to any mobile and landline phone with SMS receiving capability. Hats off to Gizmo team. They have made our life so much easier and have given us chance to keep our pocket from burning out. This service is offered through their another web site which can be accessed here.

The Interface is so simple and easy to navigate that a beginner on Internet can send an SMS using this site. You can visit the website and just select the country from the drop down list to which you want to send an SMS and then enter the mobile number, put your name in the from field, Enter the message (Maximum 120 characters) you want to send and correctly put the verification code (captcha code). Isn't it simple???

So what are you waiting for send some quick sms to your friends and family.

How to put Adsense in New Blogger

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


When Blogger transformed into the new XML based interface I was quite apprehensive of moving into the new blogger template. I found it damn dificult to customize the template according to my wishes but now I am gradually getting hold of the new template. And now onwards I will post some hacks I have made in new blogger. It is time for putting the adsense code in new blogger.

The easiest method to put adsense code in new blogger is by creating page elemet for adsense or html/java script at the top and bottom of blogpost element as shown in picture. But the main
problem in this technique is that the adsense ad will appear at the top and bottom of the page and not in each individual post.

Now we will do something so that adsense ad will appear at the beginning and end of each posts. And that can be done by adding the code by directly modifying the html (rather XML) code of the template. But when you will insert the adsense code directly inside XML code of the blogger you will receive an error that reads something like this:

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]" is not allowed.
The above error means that the adsense code is not a standardized XML format. So we need to modify the code (But google does not allow the modification of adsense code, do not worry..google only tells that minor edits on Google Adsense Code for Blogger Beta/XML are allowed as long as the resulting Adsense Code generated by Blogger is exactly the same as given from Google Adsense Code Generator. So as long as find the same adsense code as the adsense code generator generated by viewing the page source where the adsense code appears you are not violating the TOS.). In XML, <, >, " and " are not recognized. So we need to replace these character with their valid XML notation as shown in figure below:
Once you create the adsense code from the adsense code generator, you have to make the above changes, which can be done with the use of a notepad (by find and replaced command) or with a html parser.

Now in the following steps we will put the modified adsense code where we want it to appear:

1. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Layout.2. Click on Edit HTML
3. Click on Expand Widget Templates4. Now put the modified adsense code at the place as shown the following figure:

The final result will be shown in your blog like this:
In order to make the ads appear below the post body you can add the code at the place as shown in the figure below:

Have you seen this????

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Today I came across an Interesting Interface of google and thought you guys will like this. Have you ever seen this page of google:

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Global Mobile Awards 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007


The highest ranking award in the field of mobile communication is Global Mobile Award and the 2007 Edition has been announced. It consisted of 9 categories and many subcategories which are given below with the name of winner in each category:


1a. Most Innovative Technology:

Winner is Polymer Vision for the World's first rollable display.

1b. Most Innovative Mobile Application or Content:

Winner is ShoZu mobile for two applications called Zucasts and Share-it.


2a. Best Made for Mobile Game:

Winner is I-Play for the Fast and The Furious Tokyo.

2b. Best Made for Mobile Music Service:

Winner is Vodafone for Mein PC.

2c. Best Made for Mobile Video Service:

Winner is Marble Media for Shorts in Motion: The Art of Seduction

2d. Best Made for Mobile Infotainment for Sports & News Content:

Winner is EMPICS Ltd for GameOn.


3a. Mobile Enterprise Product or Service:

Winner is Telepo Ltd for Fixed-Mobile Convergence Solution and Orange PCS Ltd for Business Everywhere.

3b. Best Mobile Messaging Service:

Winner is 3UK for connectivity between Windows Live Messenger with 3 users.


4a. Best GSM Mobile Handset or Device:

Winner is Samsung Electronics Co Ltd for SGH-D900.

4b. Best 3GSM Mobile Handset or Device:

Winner is Sony Ericsson - Sony Ericsson K800 Cyber-Shot ™ phone and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd - SGH-Z560.


5a. Best Broadcast Commercial:

Winner is Turkcell for Turkcell-im came, boredom’s gone’ and Ancel - Ancel Baby’s Berp

5b. Best Mobile Advertising:

Winner is Qwikker for Virgin Mobile V-Festival


6a. Best Use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development:

Winner is GrameenPhone Ltd for Healthline.

6b. Best Ultra Low Cost Handset:

Winner is Motorola for MOTOFONE F3.


7a. Best Radio Access Product or Service:

Winner is ip.access for femto3G.

7b. Best Network Quality Initiative:

Winner is Commprove Ltd for Netledge 3G Radio QoS.

7c. Best Service Delivery Platform:

Winner is mFormation Technologies - mFormation Service Manager (MSM)

7d. Best Billing or Customer Care Solution:

Winner is IDEA Cellular Ltd for CARE – SMS based Self-Service Solution

7e. Best Roaming Product or Service:

Winner is TECORE Wireless Systems - TECORE Over-the-Air Local Prepaid Roaming Service


Winner is Mo Ibrahim - founder and chairman of Celtel International

Taken from Global Mobile Award website.

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How social bookmarking helps...

Thursday, February 22, 2007


In one of my blog I posted a post called Some Unforgettable Moments captured in frame. And the response I received from people is overwhelming. This post contains a set of 20 famous photographs taken by very famous photographers. They have been awarded best photos of the year in the respective year they have been taken. It generated more than 15000 page views in 15 hours of my posting and it put my blog as the second hottest topic in reddit. (A corresponding picture is presented below)

The above two pictures from Mybloglog stats page depicts the effect of the social book marking site on my blog views, I have taken reddit as a reference. The left side picture shows the stats after 10 housr of my psoting and the right side shows after 15 hours of my psoting and 2 hours after i discovered it in reddit. Even when I posted this and published it in Digg I never expected it to touch to 625 diggs in 5 hours.

This post has become a hot topic in web and all the credit goes to the social bookmarking sites. I hv received many comments from my reader some encouraging me for this post and many discouraging me about the copyrights. So looking into this I removed the zip file which contained the photographs in larger views and I also added a link to the original location of the photographs.

Update: The latest screen shot from the bloglog stats

Gmail is now open to public.......

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


As usual to day I woke up and when I logged in to my computer and typed www.gmail.com I was much surprised to see the most awaited feature in gmail. And do you know what is that ????? Yes google has become public and now you can find the sign up for gmail option at he bottom of the gmail main page. This was the most awaiting event in Internet community. Almost all who are familiar with Internet and e-mail wish to have a gmail account due to its simplicity faster opeartion and massive storage space. G-mail has become public after almost 3 years of its launch. When G-mail was launched it was in such a big demand that an invitation for gmail was being sold for as high as 10 dollars in e-bay. Now all this has ended and any body want to have a gmail account can get one. So enjoy with your new gmail account.

Make FREE calls anywhere to any phone......

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Now a days with emerging voip technology many voip service based companies are offering free pc to pc call. But do you know or ever imagined that you can call from your computer to a landline or a mobile number in almost any part of the World fro free. Yes it is possible and Gizmo Call has made it possible. Now you can save quite a lot from calling your kith and kin through STD or ISD call.

Gizmo Call is a modernized way to make call directly from your web browser. It uses a flash plug-in to manage your calls. And it is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox (Both I have tyested) which are most widely used browser. In order to start making call you need the following:

- A Windows (2000/XP) or Mac (OS 10.3.9+) computer
- A headset, or speakers and a microphone
- A web browser with Adobe Flash Player 9 installed (If you are a regular web browser then your is equiped with that)
- The Gizmo Call Plugin. Once you visit the website and start to make call, it will prompt to download and install the plug-in.

When everything is done, you are ready to make call...simply dial the number in the following format irrespective of the country you are located:

+(Country code)(Area code)phone number.......or.....+(Country code)mobile number

For example if you want to make a call to India to a number 22467725 located in Mumbai then you have to dial +912222467725 and click on Call button or simple press Enter. You can notice that once you dial the country code the flag will show the national flag of the country you are dialing.

As an unregistered user, your first 5 minutes of calling (each day) are free! Once you register with Gizmo Call (which is free), you will get 10 minutes of free calling per day.
Please note that calls to US toll-free numbers, Gizmo Project users, Google Talk users, and any other purely VoIP phone calls are always free.

If you want to call for more than 10 minutes a day, then you will need to purchase some Call Out credit. Basically, you might purchase $10.00 of Call Out credit, and then after your 10 minutes of free calling per day runs out, you will be charged from the call out credit.

For further information and Frequesntly Asked Question, please visit the following link:


In this few days I noticed that there is lots of issue with Internet Edxplorer, so I recommend to use this site using Mozilla Firefox. I have been using it in Mozilla Firefox without any issue. Please downlaod Mozilla Firefox by clicking below:

Want to Earn Money Online????

Sunday, February 04, 2007


This is not the stereotypical earning money on the Internet post. This is totally different and uses the pay for posting methodology to give you money. Yes mylot pays you real dollar for your posts, opinion and comments and even for uploading photos.

The technique is simple, you have to just visit their web site and sign-up and start posting and make dollar, this is as simple as this.

As of now there are 65,950 registered user in mylot and it is still growing. Each response to an existing post gives you 1 point and each sommend to nay response alos gives you 1 point. And till you touch 100 points your earning from each point is equal to 2 cents and that also stands for each photo you posts in any discussion. Apart from that they have a nice referral program by which you will earn 25% commission from the earning of your referral, say an user whom you have referred earned 2 dollars in a day then your commission will be 50 cents whcih is not bad at all. Their payout is per month basis and it is around 15th of each month. Minimum payout value is 10 dollars. So if you have earned 10 dollar till 15th of a calendar month then you will be paid that amount if not it will be carried forwqard to next payout. And they pay through paypal
After that you can either spend it for your online payment through paypal or transfer it to your bank account.

In order to ban spamming they do not allow copy/pasting till a user reach 500 points. Another good feature is that once you reach 100 points you will get a star with a rating depending upon your performance (which takes into consideration various factors) and the rating constantly changes depending upon your activities. I got a 8 star rating but currently I am at 6 star. This star rating in turn decide your earning per posts or photos after you cross 100 points. There are instances where people have earned around 5 cents per post.

Some guidelines before you start:
1. Please try to provide valid opinion about any post. ANd avoid one liner like thank you, congrats just for the sake of increasing count. (It will severly affect ur earning)
2. Try to reply/put comments to responses for discussions started by you.
3. Always put tags to the responses and discussion.
4. Rate the discussion and opinion you come across.
5. Make as many friend as possible.
6. Reply to your friends discussion and rate them.
7. Try to put relevant images to your posts it will earn you more.
8. Be regular and active or you will loose your rating.
9. The earning is updated once in 24 hours, so try to analyse ur earning trend and act accordingly.

So if you are serious about earning money and want to utilize your time, dont think twice and sign-up now.

For further information please write in comments section.

Google planning to launch a new layout

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I was just browsing to get some information about google and guess wot I found. Yes, I found that google is planning to recreate their web site with some changes. The changes are quite obvious from the screen shot attached here. But they have not yet released this new layout and randomly it is appearing in various choosen ip address. so if you are lucky then you can view this new layout while searching for something but next time you may again see the same old layout. Nothing to worry about this. Hope google will make it public soon.

I have launched Version 3.0 of my Blog

Saturday, January 13, 2007



I have upgraded my blog to version 3.0. And now it has the look from the Blogger beta... The template is based on Minima and modified by Annie. It is a fluid 3 column template.

I am thankful to Annie for the kind advise and sharing the template with me.

Want something better than Gmail...Walla Mail is for you

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Gmail with its offering of more then 2 GB space has created quite a stir in the market. The simplest yet powerful interface of google made the people crazy. At some point of time the Gmail invitation was for sale in E-Bay. But dont you think this 2-3 GB space may fall sort for you if you have subscribed to many mailing list and you receive large attachments with pictures and many files.
Here is an alternative for you in the form of Walla mail. It offers you an unbelievable 5 GB space and that too without an invitation. It means you can just go to their website and fill up a simple form and sign-up. Now you have 5 GB of space at your possesion and you can store all the e-mails and any attachments you would like.
With popularity of g-mail, in many of the corporate houses it has been blocked but the walla mail is open to all users. So you can access it nay where any time.
It has a very simple Interface as evident from the screen shot below:

The compose screen is having a very Rich Text Editor:

It even offers a Rich text signature that means you can insert pictures and Animation in signature (which lacks in gmail).
You can create your own folder and sort incoming e-mail into respective folders (but you can not set rule, you have to do it manually)
One of the annoying feature they have what they call is for abuse protection is that each time you send an e-mail you have to go through a verification process.
So if you feel like having a 5 GB e-mail account without wwaiting for an invitation then click here.

Host your online Album with Picassa Web Albums

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Another nice product from Google stable is the improved online version of Picasa Photo Album which is now called Picassa Web Album. So Picassa now allows you to publish your photos to the web from the software itself. If you do not want to download and install Picasa, you can simply use the web interface to create an album and upload photos to show it to the world. And if you do not want to make your album public it offers you the feature to make it private and share among the people you would like to share.

In order to access this feature you just need a google account, if you do not have one then you can create a account in the Picasa Web Album Link at:


As a free user it offers 250 MB of space, which is enough to host around 1000 photos taken in a camera with 2 MP resolution. If you ever feel then you can always upgrade your account and as a paid member you can have a space upto 250 GB at a nominal cost.

To see the Picasa Web album demo, please click here.