Google: Putting its own mail in Spam

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


On the other day I signed up for Google apps for your domain. As usual I was to receive a confirmation e-mail with my log-in details in some time. I was waiting for the mail but it never reached..I thought of being deceived by google team. But no it came to me. And you know the intelligent spam filter of google put its own e-mail into the spam folder. It is quite surprised that google has designed their spam filter in such a way that it is putting their own e-mail into the spam folder. Following is an attachment for reference:

Google should surely look into the matter. It is amatter of concern. Same thing happened some days back when Microsoft Windows Live Onecare blocked gmail as a virus.



Hi Friends...All Devils.

On Sunday we had a get together (Devils Meet) which started with a show of Casino Royale in Innovative Multiplex and then dinner in Sahib Singh Sultan in The Forum. It was a nice hangout n we really enjoyed the aprty. You can have a glimpse of the photos here:

Dare Devils

"Goodies" with Service Pack 2?

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Now that Microsoft has retired support for "Plain Vanilla" Windows XP (one with Service Pack 1 or just Windows XP), it has become a prerequisite to download and install Service Pack 2 just get support or even to install programs like iTunes! Hell.. all programs need SP2 to run these days.

However, after you install SP2, you will notice performance drop on your PC. There are tons of services that come enabled when you install SP2. As a result, they use up most of available memory on your computer. People having 256 or lesser will be affected the most. Most home users do not need any of these services at all!

In this article, I have provided a list of services that is not required. You can view its description in the left pane when you click on one.

Before you go ahead, let me take a moment to tell you that any issue arising from the steps below are provided to you to perform AT YOUR OWN RISK. Don't hold me responsible... Now that we have it outta our way, here we go!!!!!

To get started, click on Start -> Run -> and type "services.msc" without the quotes and hit Enter.

You will be presented with a new window. This is the Services Windows. If the status of a Service already show as "Disabled", you can leave it as it is. It is already disabled. A service that is running will show as "Automatic", one that runs when you manually enabled show as "Manual" and one that does not start at all or kept in reserve show as "Disabled".
To disable a service, just right click on a service and click on Properties. Under the "Startup type", select "Disabled" and click on OK.

1. Computer Browser:
2. Distributed Link Tracking Client:
3. Error Reporting Service
4. Help and Support
5. Indexing Service
6. Net Logon
7. NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
8. Network Location Awareness (NLA)
9. Network Provisioning Service
10. Performance Logs and Alerts
11. Portable Media Serial Number Service
12. QoS RSVP
13. Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
14. Remote Registry
15. Secondary Logon
16. Security Center
17. Server
18. Smart Card
19. SSDP Discovery Service
20. System Restore Service
21. TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
22. Themes
23. Universal Plug and Play Device Host
24. WebClient
25. Windows Time
26. WMI Performance Adapter
27. Workstation

Now restart your computer for the changes to take place.

That is all… And with that concludes my very first blog… Clap…Clap..Clap.. lol. If you want me to do a blog on how to improve your computer’s overall performance or have anything you wish to say, just drop me a comment. Happy Thanksgiving!

AOL- the grownup kid

Monday, November 06, 2006


For the last few days I was looking for a nice post n finally to day at this wee hour, I found something and could not stop my self from blogging it.

AOL, which was once so adamant that it was not even offering a free e-mail service..but now it boasts of offering tons of free services which includes:

1. Free e-mail service
2. Free Instant Messaging.
3. Free e-mail with customized domain
4. Local US phone number.

I will describe the 3rd and 4th parameter in detail as the other two are very common.

Free e-mail with customized domain:
An e-mail address has two parts in the form username@domainname. Here the user name you can put according to your wish but domain name is solely provided by the service provider and it is generally the domain name of the service provider's domain. So guess how you will feel when you will be able to customize both the part of an e-mail address according the name you want. Thts exactly what AOL has started offering and it is the first initiative by any service provider. AOL has gone one step forward and started offering not only free e-mail service but you can also customized your e-mail address with a domain name you wish like As it has been started as a promotional base this service is only available in United States. I tried to register here but in order to validate your registration AOL will send a code as SMS to your mobile phone. So if you do not have a US mobile number you will not be able to validate your registration. But dun worry it will be very soon available worldwide.

You may bother to look at the following link:

Please check here for a complete list of FAQ :

- Once you sign-up you can invite upto 100 people to register their e-mail address with your choosen domain.
- Huge online storage of 2 GB.
- Access your email anywhere you can get on the Internet using AOL Webmail (or IMAP access using standard email clients like Microsoft Outlook).
- With your personalized email address, you can login to the AIM® client and send/receive IMs.

- You can customized your domain name with two TLDs (Top Level Domains) viz .com and .net
- Only available in United States.

Local US phone number:

How about having a US phone number at ur possession while U r in India...yeah AOL has made it possible. A personal, local free phone number you can give out to anyone -- complete with always-on voicemail!

This service is known as AIM digit. AIM Digits are part of the FREE AIM Phoneline service. AIM Phoneline gives you a free, local telephone number that comes with always-on voicemail, delivered right to your email box. On top of that, when you're online, it lets you screen and answer calls, using your PC microphone and speakers. It's a completely free Internet Phone Service.

Now I boast of owning a US telephone number while being here in India and you can also be one to have it. Visit the following link to sign-up for a free phone number:

Check List:
I guess this service is again meant for people from United States as during registration it will ask for Zip code and you have to provide a 5 digit valid US zip code.

In the next post I will tell about another great free service from AOL so watch out this space...