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Friday, April 13, 2007


What about an online storage system that offers you unlimited file storage, unlimited download, a simple yet powerful User Interface and support virtually any type of file extension. Above all the service is offered free of cost that is without spending a dime. Yes you can have all this in Divshare an online file storage system.

I have been using this for more than two months and I am 100 percent satisfied with their service. It is the best Online Storage available till date and could not find a flaw. As it is comparatively new entrant in this field the company is gradually adding new features and making it more user friendly.

Features Overview:

1. Upload unlimited files.
2. Download unlimited number of files in a day without waiting (unlike rapidahare and mega upload)
3. Files stay online forever! (Even if your files are not downlaoded they stay online)
4. No pop-up ads or spam.

5. Incredibly fast, reliable servers.
6. Keep your files private if you have any sensitive document.
7. Customize your download page by adding your own logo.
You can see an example here.
8. Uploaded file icon gets automatically created based on the file type.
9. Support of almost all types of files.
10. Inbuilt audio player to listen to uploaded audio files and also put them in your web site or blog.
11. Directly you can share your link in many social bookmark sites like Digg.

You can even upload files without signing in. But being a free member has its own advantages like tracking your link and joining different groups, individual personalized profile link like this.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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I have done my B.Tech in Textile Technology from Orissa. But currently working as a Tech Support Engineer for Microsoft and currently located in Bangalore. This you can term as my destination and doing B.Tech in Textile Technology as my destiny and a man's destination and destiny are never same.

I also provide technical support as a freelancer. So if you need assistance with any issues with your computer please drop me an e-mail.

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