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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Gmail with its offering of more then 2 GB space has created quite a stir in the market. The simplest yet powerful interface of google made the people crazy. At some point of time the Gmail invitation was for sale in E-Bay. But dont you think this 2-3 GB space may fall sort for you if you have subscribed to many mailing list and you receive large attachments with pictures and many files.
Here is an alternative for you in the form of Walla mail. It offers you an unbelievable 5 GB space and that too without an invitation. It means you can just go to their website and fill up a simple form and sign-up. Now you have 5 GB of space at your possesion and you can store all the e-mails and any attachments you would like.
With popularity of g-mail, in many of the corporate houses it has been blocked but the walla mail is open to all users. So you can access it nay where any time.
It has a very simple Interface as evident from the screen shot below:

The compose screen is having a very Rich Text Editor:

It even offers a Rich text signature that means you can insert pictures and Animation in signature (which lacks in gmail).
You can create your own folder and sort incoming e-mail into respective folders (but you can not set rule, you have to do it manually)
One of the annoying feature they have what they call is for abuse protection is that each time you send an e-mail you have to go through a verification process.
So if you feel like having a 5 GB e-mail account without wwaiting for an invitation then click here.

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