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Sunday, December 10, 2006


This post is the second in a the series of AOL goodies. With variety of work and business people are just not static these days. They are in a constant go moving across the world. So the primary concern is to access their data wherever they go and many player in the market has eveolved who offers online storage as a free subscription as well as paid subscription. But it is not possible to trust every Tom, Dick and Harry you see. Like wise you can not trust every online storage provider. Many of them are very small players so there is a chance that they may vanished some times with all of your important data. So your data becomes no more secure.

AOL has come up to serve this need by acquiring Xdrive last year and has started offering free online storage of 5 GB to the masses. Any body with an AOL screen name can sign up for a 5 GB Xdrive and can have all the benefits of Xdrive as a free user. If you need Xdrive for your business or need extra amount of storage then you have the option to sign up for a paid account at $9.95 a month with 50GB space which is worth the amount they are charging. You can even sign up for the yearly payment plan, and you'll pay $99.50 (2 months free).

Features in a nutshell:

1. Massive 5GB online storage your personal hard drive on the Internet which is equivalent to around 1000 music files and 5000 digital photos.
2. You can share files and assign appropriate rights for the files.
3. Stream your favorite songs or an entire playlist from your Xdrive account directly to your web connected PC or SmartPhone

4. Files can be accessed Securely from any web-connected PC or PDA.

5. Xdrive desktop: a program which can be installed on your computer and accessed from Windows Explorer and appear like any other disk drive on your computer.

Important links:

Visit the following link for more information on Xdrive


To download Xdrive desktop, visit this link


Read FAQ on Xdrive Desktop.

So why are you waiting sign up now for Xdrive and access your files where ever you move.

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